8 Ways To Improve Your E-commerce SEO Results

Ranking high in search engine results is the best way an online store gets customers. But it is no secret that high ranking is hard to achieve especially with the  major search engines such as Google or Bing.

Realizing your dream of having a successful online store can be a difficult if you are unaware of ecommerce principles and search engine rankings. Sure, you might have a great product, a professional website or an amazing platform for an online store, but that isn’t enough. If you can’t get search engines to list your E-commerce business among the top search results, it’s going to be hard to sell whatever product you have.

So what should you do? How do you achieve high rankings and appear in the organic search results?

We have prepared a list of tips you might want to check out and apply to your E-commerce business. We’ve compiled tips that reward your search engine findability efforts the most.

  1. Let’s kick things off by finding out how you rank. Know your current rank for the keywords you want people to ask on search engines and find you for.


To do this, you may want to use a SEO ranking tool. These tools include reports of the store’s web presence and organic rank across various search engines. Or do it yourself for free. You will want to open an incognito window that will not reflect your search history. The best  way to get your accurate rank is to un-personalize the Google results.


Once you know you know your actual rank and find out what you lack, you can start making changes with the way you optimize your online store.


  1. Then there’s the home page. Do you know that Google is particular about a website’s home page? It will be directing people to your site and if your landing page is not SEO optimized, Google will rather direct them to another site.


Your home page is important because it is what potential customers usually see first. Even if they land on your product pages, people tend to check out the home page to find out more about your business.


You give Google a big hint to know what your site is about based on the title of your site alone. It will be easier for search engines to rank your site high in search results if your home page has text content rich with keywords.


  1. If your home page is important but so are your product pages. Make them rank high by optimizing them. Remember, these pages give you the most conversion opportunities, instead of just home page. It is important that your product pages are fully optimized with page titles rich in keywords, meta tags, headings, on-page text content such as unique product descriptions.


  1. We’ve mentioned keywords, but do you know the right ones to use to help people find your store and products? Understanding your potential customers and what words they use to search for what they need on Google or Yahoo is important. Adjust your keyword strategy accordingly to match their inquiries or intentions.


Do a keyword search and study your website’s analytics. You can also talk to customers while you’re at it to know what words they use and what keywords are relevant.


  1. Blog, blog and blog regularly. Publishing continuous content is an SEO strategy that has been proven useful. Unique, fresh and relevant content is SEO at its finest. Without content, Google won’t list you.


Your online store needs regular blogging with content optimized for the keywords or key phrases you have identified. Prepare blog topics in advance mostly about your products and how it will benefit your customers, how to use them, or any topic relevant to your product. Once you post them on your blog, make sure to share it on various social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even on YouTube.


  1. Duplicate content is a no-no. Search engines hate copied content and will list you low or penalize your site for plagiarism. In many cases, low ranking is caused by duplicate content.


Remember, not even you would want to see results that contain similar content page after page. If you’re worried about exact product descriptions that will be similar with other sellers, use a unique voice that can be seen in your site all throughout and use additional keywords that add a uniqueness to the way you are writing the description. This way, although some product details will be similar with those on other sellers’ site, the writing voice will be different and you may even out rank the manufacturers themselves.


  1. Upload videos on your YouTube Channel. You need to have your own channel because YouTube is another search engine many are using. After Google, YouTube is another site people use to learn and find new products and services.


Put in some extra effort and publish fresh and relevant videos on YouTube and make it creative and eye-catching as well. It will definitely pay off because your prospective clients are going to search on YouTube the way they search on Google. Plus, YouTube results are also shown in Google search results. So having an active channel will help you get your product or store out there, with multiple rankings.


  1. Take advantage of social media because it also affects your SEO. This is actually according to Google and Bing themselves. Apparently, 8-10% of organic search algorithms are dictated by social signals.


Social media marketing is interconnected with SEO. They are organic and inbound strategies that allow you to build a brand or an appealing identity that attracts attention. Both SEO and social media needs quality content to become noticed. Throw in the fact that your business’s social media presence greatly affects your search rankings. So how does a business take advantage of social media?


First, you should grow your grow your number of followers in various social media sites and YouTube subscribers. Google can use your number of followers in their algorithm for search result rankings. This process is going to take some time, but if you get a hold of the influencers in your niche, their followers will follow you if you offer them fresh and relevant content. The more, the merrier.


Next is to encourage your social media minions to link your content to external sites. Having a diverse external link will catch search engines’ attention. This means you are an authority in your specific niche. But you have to be sure to create content worthy of this title. Otherwise, no one will link your content to their site.


Last but not the least is to optimize your posts on social media for searches. It may just be secondary and somewhat temporary channel, but you should be ready for possible opportunities.


In a Nutshell

You may find SEO too complex, but it can be simplified. With enough research and reading, you can understand the principles of being ranked in searches across whatever search engine it is. And it has a lot to do with SEO.

Your organic ranking is important as well as your search engine advertisement. You can’t go wrong when you invest in both strategies.

Take it a step at a time. Most of the great things in life aren’t achieved with a snap of a finger. It takes commitment and consistency to search engine optimize your online store or website.

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