The 3 Step “Get Going” Strategy To Capitalize On The Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes the holiday shopping rush.

For many business owners, missing out on this time of the year could mean missing out on most of their annual income.

Luckily, this won’t be you, thanks to this simple strategy.

It won’t entail creating new products or services, drastically reducing your costs or even a huge budget.

All you’ll need to do is CONTINUE doing what you’ve already been doing – promoting your products and services.

Introducing the 3 Step “Get Going” strategy:

Step #1:  Get Found

The first step of this process is to get found.  Millions upon millions of people will be shopping online.  Will they find your competitors or your business?

For example, let’s say you are a Los Angeles based auto detailing shop.  When someone starts searching online for a “Los Angeles Car Detailer” or “LA Auto detail,” who will they find?

The first step in this process is to ensure that your website AND business is found when online searches are done within your industry, and this all starts with the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Step #2:  Get Seen

Now that your website can be found, your next step is to get seen.  What do you want people to see when they click on the link that takes them to your site?

Will they find an outdated and impossible to navigate site?

You’ll need to clean things up and put your products and services up front and center.  You want to make it easy for your visitors to purchase what you have for sale.  If you’ve got your signature services, then don’t bury them on a page that no one visits.

Step #3:  Get Them Gift Cards

The last step of this strategy is to offer gift cards for your visitors to purchase.

Let’s go back to the auto detailing website in LA.

Let’s say someone wants to get something nice for a friend such as a single mom, and notices that it’s been a while since she has gotten her car washed.  They notice how hard this person works and with all other responsibilities, just doesn’t have the time to get some other things done.

Think they have just found the perfect gift?

The only thing left is to decide WHERE to go and WHAT to buy.

If your website is up top in the results and your products and services are up front and center, you can now make your offer:

“Get A Christmas Gift Card For That Special Someone In Your Life!”

Decision made.

Okay, we hear you – WHY exactly gift cards?

It’s a no brainer during the holidays really.  How about these stats:

  • “Gift cards are the #1 most requested present during the holidays.”
  • “Nearly 20% of gift cards are sold during the winter holiday season. In 2016, nearly $26 billion was spent on gift cards during the winter holidays alone.”
  • “Approximately 72% of consumers will spend more than the total value of their gift card when making a purchase. And, on average, these customers spend at least 20% more than the face value of the card. This means that retailers who sell gift cards can benefit both from the initial purchase, and from customers who spend more than the total value of their card!”


To sum that up nicely:

  1. People WANT gift cards
  2. They sell like hotcakes during the winter season
  3. Most gift card recipients will spend more than the original purchase

Last Key Action Step:  Stop Waiting And Get Going!

Timing is of the essence.  The earlier you can get going the better.

Here are three things you can start doing today:

  1. Let Your List Know – If you have an active mailing list (electronic or otherwise), then now is the time to let them know you are offering gift cards or gift certificates for Christmas.
  2. Promote On Social Media – If you are active on social media, then you can let your network know of your latest offering.
  3. Brick And Mortar Promotions – If you have a physical location, then getting some signage up in your location (reception area, windows, front desk, etc.) simply stating that gift cards are available for Christmas may just be enough.

You can incentivize this with a small gift or discount if you like, but just be sure that you run your numbers on what you can expect your average customer to spend, to ensure you aren’t losing money.

This simple strategy won’t take much extra work on your part, but can bring in quite a bit during the holiday season.

However, it all starts with getting found.

Make sure your SEO is on point and the rest will be easy.

If you need any further assistance, just let us know.

We’ll be glad to help.

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