How to register .reise domains

Companies who run websites related to the travel industry, particularly in Germany, may be interested in the .reise gLTD domain name.

What is the .reise domain name?

The .reise domain name is a gTLD administered by Donuts.

The word ‘reise’ means ‘travel’ or ‘tour’ in the German language. As a result, the .reise domain name is targeted towards the travel market within Germany, and all of the restrictions in the .reise domains registration policy are targeted at this.

Who can register .reise domain names?

The .reise domains registration policy stipulates that anybody registering a .reise domain name must point it towards a website dedicated to travel content. The website must be live within 6-months of the domain name being purchased. If there is no travel content on the website, then the ownership of the domain name could be revoked.

The .reise domains registration policy is fairly lax when it comes to what is defined as travel content. For example; a site dedicated to creating software for the travel industry has as much right to use the .reise domain name as a site that is dedicated to information regarding tourist destinations. Generally speaking; if the site is at least tangentially related to the travel industry, then the .reise domain name can probably be registered.

It is worth noting that the domain is targeted at the German-speaking travel industry. There is no requirement that the website needs to be available in German, but it must be focused on the travel industry in a country that utilizes German as a language (e.g. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). This means that either of the following is fine:

  • A website dealing with travel throughout Germany (or a German-speaking country)
  • A website promoting travel throughout the world IF it is focused on German-speaking people.

The .reise domain name registration process

Because Donuts require a website to have travel content within 6-months of domain name purchase, there will unlikely be any questions asked by a domain name registrar when you are registering your .reise domain name. This means that at the time of registration, you do not need to provide proof that you will be using the domain name on a travel-orientated website.

Nearly every major domain name company will allow you to purchase a .reise domain name. Once it is registered, it is up to you to ensure that the website the domain name is pointing towards is up and running within 6-months. If it is not, then Donuts reserves the right to suspend ownership of the domain name (there will be no refund if this happens)

The .reise domain name can be purchased for any time period between 1-year and 10-years. The .reise domain name is currently ‘on sale’ to everybody, assuming they meet the eligibility requirements.

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